Organize your life !

Some of you have outstanding memory, others may not be able to recall events so effectively. I guarantee that no one can memorize anything 100%. Lets even say you can remember your schedules perfectly to 99%.
   That one time you forget, the 1/100 chance can be devastating. Write things down on your phone calender. It is very simple and includes a alarm to get tasks done . I assure productivity rates will go up !

    Its no secret that people that are successful use calendars and notes to recall.

What you need to know about money

Money is a tool. Like any tools it can be wielded by a fool. Fools are consumers that have not been taught or realized the power of money. School didn’t teach us this. Our parents didn’t teach us this. The government encourages spending of money. What you need to realize is no one saves their money, saving money is also discouraged I encourage you have a rainy day fund. I suggest you spend the majority of your money on yourself. I do not mean this in a narcissistic way. I mean it in a way of education, book, seminars, proper bed, gym membership, good healthy food and etc. Air jordans are not a good investment.

Spend the rest of your money in investment that will make you 10x your money. This could be in investments in the bank, entrepreneurial efforts or even several other methods. There is no best way, we are all different find out what works for you. Read books such as built to last and good to great.

The calculator is your best tool it never lies. Use the rule of 72 to find out how long it will take to double your money in years. For example. 72/10 . It will take you 7.2 years to double your money at a 10% rate. This could also be used in the negatives when calculating mortages or car payments.

The purpose of writing a Goal

Telling yourself a goal is simply not enough. You cannot guarantee you can memorize all of them small or large. At minimum write down goals on Evernote APP or on a pen and paper. Your deepest desires will come true if you stick to these goals and visualize yourself achieving them. The happiness that will be unlocked surpasses all.

A small tip I have is writing down these goals on a small 3×5 index card. You can carry these around to reassure you stick to these goals when you are making a decision.

Cognitive biases and how you can be more rational

Through study it is proven human have a tendency to “lie” to themselves if several things seem soundly rational.
For example at a party the loudest one that is telling a story and facts that you know are false. Yet some people will actually believe them to be true. This is because the person believes what he or she is saying and people mistake it as possibly sounding familiar.
Always take everything not so black and white, opposed to taking it from multiple angles. Here is a fantastic list.

The non verbal aspect of COMMUNICATION and the mastery of it.

At one point in time before language, we had body language. Body language is the emotion you display in your eyes,eyebrows, tone of voice, posture,hand movements, direction you are facing someone and more.

     When speaking to someone insecure or shy their shoulders maybe be rounded , not straight posture and head facing down. Try to make people comfortable , you can see this with positive body emotion. Do not come off with a popping chest and chin raised so high.
     Understanding someone is just as important as being understood.